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Google is always relying on the users’ satisfaction and its algorithms change with time to meet the best request. So, when you get a Google rank, you are following the rules set by the search engine itself. But, Google is more than what you think. It understands each website and has a team of the elevator who considers every detail your website gives. It also penalizes your site if it gets something wrong in it or someone complains about your site to Google. Search Engine Optimization is important, but don’t build up a chance to get penalized by Google.

Penalties and Filters:

Many people wrongly conceive these two concepts – Penalties and Filter. There are some who use the two terms interchangeably. Penalties are decided after the manual action has been done by Google authorities. Google employers review a site manually and find every detail. You can check whether your site gets Google Penalty or not by visiting Google search console. Click the ‘manual action’ option. If you don’t find any message, then your website is free from it.

The filter is the process when your site gets algorithmically suppressed. For example, algorithm panda can lower your site down if it has poor quality. If you are suspected with this problem, you cannot rank well on search engines. Panda and Penguin were known to be algorithm filters. If your site were running with an issue, they put a flag which is hard to get rid of.

So if you want to boost your search engines rank, you need to make sure your site hasn’t an issue.

The Types of Penalties Set By Google:

  • Sitewide matches – effects the entire website.
  • Partial matches – checks the section of a website.

There are some occasions when Google decides to check a site manually, including hacked site, user-generated spam, spammy free hosts, spammy structured markup, unnatural links, cloaked images, and more.

What causes a penalty?

Google penalty depends on so many things, but the recent study revealed that aggressive optimization is one of the reasons for it. When you get punished for unnatural links, this means you are buying links to improve your ranks. Your search engine company must be aware of that.

Another reason for the penalty is for the content. If Google identifies that your content is designed only for the search engine optimization purpose, you will lose the desired rank.

Is the penalty permanent?

Google has announced that if you want to finish the penalty term, you have to clear up all wrongdoings. Only then, you will get a clean cheat from the search engine. In this case, you need to work hard to gain a good rank.

To check whether your site gets penalized or not, visit ‘Google Search Console’, click ‘search traffic’, and visit ‘Manual Action’. If you need a professional help to handle this matter and search engine optimization work, contact SEOrely. We are helping companies find a transparent way to make businesses. The team of experts is proficient in optimization works and keeps your site away from spam.

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